65% Polyester
34% Cotton
1% Carbon

Weight: 245 g/m2
Width: 150 cm
Weave: Twill

Advantages of the fabric

  1. Rub and tear resistance
  2. Low shrinkage
  3. Fast  colours
  4. Crease resistance
  5. Comfort of use
  6. Discharge of static electricity from the surface of the fabric
  7. Fulfilment of the requirements of leasing due to mechanical strength after 50 cycles of washing and tumble drying at a temperature of 60ºC

Product description

The fabric Antistatic features high quality and long service life. It is a special textile that meets high requirements for the production of workwear and antistatic clothes. The product is widely used in many sectors of industry. Its properties are due to the use of carbon fibres, so the fabric ensures the safety of the user. It is perfect for protective antistatic clothes that ensure the discharge of static electricity. The fabric is extremely durable which makes it keep its smart appearance after repeated washing. It has been tested by the Textile Research Institute in Łódź. The tests have proved that the fabric Antistatic retains its properties after 50 cycles of washing and tumble drying at a temperature of 60ºC.

The fabric meets the requirements of:

  • iko-tkaninaantyelektrostatycznaPN – EN ISO 1149-5:2008
  • PN – P – 84525:1998
  • PN – EN ISO 13688:2013 – 12


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