80% Polyester
20% Cotton

Wight: 230 g/m2
Width: 150 cm
Waves: Twill

Advantages of the fabric

    1. Rub and tear resistance
    2. Low shrinkage
    3. Durable colours
    4. Crease resistance
    5. High comfort of use
    6. Fulfilment of the requirements of leasing due to mechanical strength after 50 cycles of washing and tumble drying at a temperature of 60ºC.

Product description

Durango fabric is characterized by high quality and long life. Due to the type of weave and the structure is characterized by high strength and resistance to abrasion or tear. These qualities combined with the raw material composition make the fabric resistant to creases and color fastness. Durango is used in the production of advertising and work clothing. The fabric was examinated by the Textile Institute in Łódź. Research has shown that Durango retains its properties after 50 cycles of washing and tumble drying at 60ºC.

The fabric meets the requirements:

  • PN – P – 84525:1998
  • PN – EN ISO 13688:2013 – 12


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