Weight: 200 g/m2
Width: 160 cm
Weave: Plain

Advantages of the fabric

  1. Rub and tear resistance
  2. Low shrinkage
  3. Durable colours
  4. Rich colours
  5. High comfort of use
  6. Moisture-resistant

Product description

The fabric Oxford PU keeps high quality. Due to the type of weave and the structure is durable and resistant to abrasions and tear. Thanks to a special finish and apertures waterproof fabric has a high performance water resistant. It is used in the clothing and leather industry. The main uses of Oxford fabric are outdoor clothing and workwear. Can also be used in production covers, garden cushions, sachets, bags, backpacks, sun loungers, umbrellas and baby carriages. The fabric is perfect for all types of printing. The fabric Oxford PU has been tested by the Textile Research Institute in Łódź. The tests have proved that the fabric retains its properties after 50 cycles of washing.

The fabric meets the requirements of:

  • PN – P – 84525:1998
  • PN – EN ISO 13688:2013 – 12


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